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    Interactive reading classroom.

    Interactive reading classroom.

    Interactive online classroom.

    This moodle is used by teachers in the Secondary Reading Department.

    students in grade 7 will take a 1 semester Health course

    Algebra 2 - Periods 5, 6 & 7

    Earth Science - Mrs. Bandura

    Welcome to your senior internship moodle course.  Here you will find all the information you will need regarding activities, assignments, due dates and other materials for your internship.  

    Business Card

    Course for word processing.  Thank you.

    Course information for 9th grade Earth and Space Science to assist in the instruction, review and assessment of students.

    The information in the Moodle supports and extends the information that is covered during AP Bio.

    This course contains the requirements for the two components of Bio Academy, both Bio Boot Camp and the on-line course.

    This course is a a full-year major, consisting of half a year of study in Biology and half a year of study in the physical sciences (Chemistry and Physics).

    The Keystone Biology Recovery Moodle is intended to support students as they review Semester 1 material in preparation for an Exam re-test, or for those students looking to refresh their memories prior to the Spring Keystone Biology Exam.

    This course is for Mr. Klaiber's AP Art students.

    Course for Mr. Klaiber's Art II students

    This course is for Mr. KIaiber's Art III students.

    Mr. Shoemaker's Physics classes

    This Moodle is intended to help provide a resource for teachers interested in developing a blended-learning experience for their students.

    This course contains information and resources to help improve digital literacy and learning for MASD teachers. 

    This course is intended to provide resources and collaborative opportunities for teachers participating in the Mechanicsburg Area School District Induction program and to facilitate communication between inductees, mentors, department coordinators, and supervisors.

    Additionally, use of this resource will provide teachers with effective modelling in the use of 21st century educational technologies that may be of use in their classrooms.